Amazon Closes Construction Site in Windsor After Nooses Found

Amazon has condemned the racist symbol found at the site and is working with the Connecticut NAACP

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Amazon is shutting down construction at a facility in Connecticut after several noose-like ropes were discovered at the site in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for Amazon said the company is "deeply disturbed" by the incidents happening at the Windsor, Connecticut site and has ordered the shutdown until necessary security measures can be put in place.

"Hate, racism or discrimination have no place in our society and are certainly not tolerated in any Amazon workplace - whether at a site under construction like this one, or at one that we operate," the spokesperson said in a statement.

During a press conference Thursday, Windsor Police Chief Donald Melanson said a rope, which could be interpreted as a noose, was first located hanging within overhead beams on the site Wednesday afternoon. Officials said that many workers had left the area and gone on break at the time of the incident.

The incident happened on the fourth floor of the construction site. Melanson said it "was hung with the intention of creating a disturbance."

Hundreds of workers from different companies have access to the site, police have said.

This brings the total to seven noose-like ropes discovered at the site in the last month.

The rope was delivered to the state lab for testing and officials are investigating.

"We are committed to working with the Town and Windsor Police Department, as well as our development partners, to hold the perpetrators accountable and ensure that all members of our community feel valued, respected and safe,” the spokesperson continued.

Melanson said several officers have been talking to contractors and securing the area on a daily basis ever since the first incident was reported on April 27. The construction site is closed off and fenced in and the police chief said officials believe the incidents are occurring while contractors are on-site.

The company said Thursday that it will up its offer to $50,000 as a reward for information on the person responsible for the noose. Combined with funds being offered by site contractors and the project developer, the total reward is now at $100,000.

Both Amazon and RC Anderson, a contractor, have condemned the racist symbol found at the site and are working with the town and CT NAACP.

"The New Haven Division of the FBI is lending its resources and support to the Windsor PD for this ongoing investigation... We stand united with all of our law enforcement partners across the state in rooting our and applying the role of law to any individual or group perpetuating hateful ideology and intimidation in our communities," FBI Special Agent in Charge David Sundberg said in a statement.

The Windsor Police Department and FBI are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Windsor Police Department at 860-688-5273.

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