1 Killed As Stolen Ambulance Crashes Into 12 Cars

Suspect identified as Sebastian Kellinger Isaksen, 34

One person was killed Sunday when a stolen ambulance crashed into 10 cars before overturning in a Greenbelt, Maryland, restaurant parking lot.

The suspect has been identified as Sebastian Kellinger Isaksen of Silver Spring, who turned 34 Monday. Isaksen was badly injured in the crash and remains in the hospital under police guard.


Isaksen stole a Branchville Volunteer Fire Department ambulance at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday, police said.

Shortly before the incident, the ambulance's two-person crew took a patient to a hospital. The crew then witnessed an accident on I-495 and stopped to help, police said.

The driver in that accident, Isaksen, then attacked the crew and stole the ambulance, police said.

Isaksen drove the ambulance down I-495, exited at Kenilworth Avenue and turned left on Greenbelt Road. About 15 minutes after the ambulance was stolen, it crashed into three cars on Greenbelt at 62nd Avenue, police said.

The driver of one of those three cars, 77-year-old Alvin Hargrave of Greenbelt, was critically injured and died shortly after he was taken to the hospital, police said. A 36-year-old pregnant woman in that car was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition.

"I send my condolences to the family that lost a lost a loved one," Daneen Whitaker, who was also involved in the crash but went unharmed, told News4. 

After the crash on Greenbelt, the stolen ambulance careened down an embankment and struck nine unoccupied cars in the parking lot of a Joe's Crab Shack restaurant.

Isaksen was arrested as he left the ambulance's cab and was taken to a hospital with critical injuries.

No one else was injured.

Online, Isaksen describes himself as a college graduate and an electrical communications engineer for a major defense company in the D.C. area.

Police are trying to figure out what started the crime and whether Isaksen was under the influence of alochol or another substance.

Detectives charged him with carjacking, assault and charges related to the carjacking.

Prince George's County Police will work with the state's attorney to determine charges for the fatal collision. 

Isaksen's father told News4 he is expressing his condolensces to those affected by the crash, and added the incident was out of character for his son.

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