Face of Hurricane Katrina Misery Continues Her Journey

Of all the transformations Hurricane Katrina left in its wake, the story of one child's journey may be the most striking.

Arianna Evans, who was born male, captured the nation's attention in the days after the devastating storm. Standing outside the New Orleans' Superdome, 9-year-old Evans, known then as Charles, became the face of the tragedy when an NBC News cameraman captured the child making a plea to the world.

"We just need some help out here," the child said. "It is just so pitiful. Pitiful and shame.... We have over 3,000 people out here with no home, no shelter. What are they gonna do? What we gonna do? Take a look at all of this. Now what they gonna do if the hurricane come again?"

Evans became something of a celebrity, but her story had just begun. In the years that followed, Evans endured more tragedy even as she came to an understanding of being "trapped in the wrong body." In May, she began taking hormones to become a woman. Now, 19, she has traveled a long road from tragedy to triumphant self-realization.

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