Vanessa Guillen

Army Suspects Foul Play in Disappearance of Fort Hood Soldier Vanessa Guillen

A supervisor who reported her accounted for on the day of her disappearance now says he didn't see her

Vanessa Guillen
United States Army

The Army is now convinced there was "foul play" involved in the two-month-old disappearance of Fort Hood Soldier Vanessa Guillen, Rep. Sylvia García, D-Texas, said Tuesday.

"They have now used the words foul play. They are convinced now that there is foul play involved and they are following all the leads they can," the congresswoman said at a Fort Hood press conference that was live streamed on social media.

After weeks of protests, Guillen’s father, sisters, García and their attorney Natalie Khawam met with military investigators and officials at Fort Hood, Texas, where Guillen was serving and last seen. Her mother, Gloria Guillen, was also invited, but she said at the press conference that after she saw images of soldiers searching for her daughter in a river, she felt too ill to attend.

Rep. Garcia said the military provided a timeline and some answers to their questions, but not the detailed "tick-tock" of Guillen's activities that they had hoped to get. García said she thought military officials were as forthcoming as they could be in the midst of a criminal investigation.

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