Astronaut Scott Kelly's Tweets Stunning Image of the Blizzard From Space

Residents from Georgia to New York in the path of the massive storm blanketing the Eastern Seaboard are waking up to the beautiful site of fresh powder coating rooftops, streets and trees.

Just as magnificent is the view of the storm from space.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, currently aboard the International Space Station as part of a year-long mission, tweeted two photos of the blizzard from his home in outer space.

In one photo, a massive cluster of clouds can be seen blocking out much of the East Coast, while the blurry clumps of cities' lights shine through from below. Kelly asks those in the #snowstorm's path to "Stay Safe." 

As forecasters predict that the worst of the storm, which began dumping snow in some parts of the country Friday, is yet to come, Kelly illustrated that point with a photo of the blizzard passing over Chicago as the East Coast is seen in the distance. The storm "clearly has a long way to go," Kelly tweeted.

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