Aussie Unknown Cast as Mrs. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Benjamin Walker, meet your new bride, Robin McLeavy.

McLeavy has been cast as Mary Todd, wife of The Great Emancipator in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," reported Latino Review.

McLeavy starred last in 2009's comedic horror film "The Loved Ones," about a high school girl shunned by her peers he gets her revenge by kidnapping the cutest boy in her school and throwing her own prom with the help of her dad.

Though it was well received on the festival circuit, it never got a proper US release. We watched the trailer last year and it's a bit nuts. Seeing as Mary Todd was a bit cuckoo-bananas, the experience could serve McLeavy well in "Vampire Hunter."

"Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," being directed by Timur Bekmambetov ("Wanted"), stars Walker as Lincoln, Dominic Cooper as his mentor Henry Sturges and Anthony Mackie. Tim Burton, who bought the rights to the book by Seth Graham Smith's after seeing the trailer, is producing.

We hated "Wanted," but we're intrigued by the premise and we like the cast--done properly, this could be a lot of fun.

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