Breeder Busted for Creating a Super Dog

New breed of dog was to be called a Centurion

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Never fear, Wonder Dog was almost here.

Unfortunately for James Marinakis, Palm Beach officials shut him down before he could create his "Super Breed." (sinister music plays)

Animal control officers raided Marinakis' dog breeding operation Wednesday night acting on a court order. It's unclear exactly what new breed of dog Marinakis was trying to create but he called it a "Centurion."

Sometimes mad scientists can be so misunderstood.

According to a news release, animal control officers entered his 24-acre property near Everglades National Park and took custody of 50 dogs. Officials did not release what type of dogs were taken or what experiments may have been performed on them.

Some of the dogs have medical and behavioral problems. About 10 puppies will be available for adoption, and officials will evaluate the other dogs to see if they are suitable candidates for new homes.

Officials might also want to check if any of the dogs can bark in Chinese, fly, have X-Ray vision or can do long division.

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