Bryan Cranston Basically Scared a Girl Into Going to Prom With Someone

If Heisenberg tells you to do something, you better do it. Immediately.

That was the plan this high school student had in mind when he approached Bryan Cranston after one of his performances in the Broadway show "All The Way." Stefan wanted Bryan to ask a girl named Maddie to prom for him, but the "Godzilla" star did one better than just the usual "have a celeb make a prom plea for me" deal. And that is because Bryan Cranston is one of the best human beings ever.

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Bryan went fully into his "Breaking Bad" character Walter White (the Heisenberg side of Walt, actually) and basically threatened Maddie. Usually intimidating someone into going to prom with you is not the best course of action, but in this case, it made for one of the best "promposals" we've seen yet.

Especially since he uses a very iconic line of "Breaking Bad" dialogue to do the invite. Watch the moment below for your daily reminder that Bryan Cranston rules this planet:

Oh, and Maddie said yes:

And in case you wanted to see how much Bryan enjoyed doing this for Stefan, here is someone taping Bryan while he's recording the message:

Mr. Cranston, will you go to prom with us?

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