Carmelo Anthony Is Not Amused by Team USA’s Vanessa Carlton Singalong

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Some sports teams enjoy strange singalongs when traveling, but it appears Carmelo Anthony can't even pretend to enjoy a little Vanessa Carlton while flying with his teammates. 

Instagram video posted by Team USA member DeMar DeRozan shows the U.S. basketball team singing heartily on the plane during its pre-Olympic warm-up tour over the weekend. Their eyebrow-raising tune of choice? Carlton's 2002 pop hit "A Thousand Miles." 

Team USA is clearly enthused: there's some air piano, some head-bopping, and a lot of heartfelt, closed-eye crooning. Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving lead the melody, and Kevin Durant enjoys the performance while standing wrapped in a blanket.

But as DeRozan's cellphone camera pans the plane, all but one are laughing or singing: the veteran Anthony, sitting with his hooded head against the window, who stares blankly into the camera and then rolls his eyes.

"Melo ain't having it," DeRozan captioned his video. 

After the video went viral, Anthony addressed it with a reporter, telling NBA TV Monday that his younger teammates liked to have goof around at too early an hour for his liking.

He laughed: "They've been on me. They know I don't like early mornings, man. So that was Jimmy's playlist, I'm taking the playlist back, I'm taking the speakers back." 

He clarified that he "actually likes that song." 

"They play too much, DJ play too much," Carmelo said of his younger teammates. "They're a great group of guys, though." 

"I'm sorry, Vanessa. I apologize," he added.

Vanessa Carlton responded on Twitter, endorsing the players' singing skills and saying she understood Anthony's reaction. 

The Olympics are only days away, and Team USA is gearing up for the preliminaries against China on Saturday, Aug. 6. 

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