Chicago Couple Takes Their Fights to Twitter

Ever been in a fight with someone and not been able to remember what started it?

This Chicago couple doesn’t have that problem.

Claire Meyer and Alan Linic have been keeping a record of their fights for months, and they’re doing it on social media.

The two, who say their relationship is “going really well,” started a twitter account titled “We Fought About,” where they publish each and every argument they have. So far, there have been 83.

But the fights aren’t exactly what many would expect.

The tweets focus more on what sparks an argument, like “Alan didn’t take my ‘hair journey’ slide show seriously,” or “Claire called our pet fish ‘baby’ in front of me.”

The couple, who met in the city’s comedy scene, told New York Magazine they started the feed because they thought their fights “were just so ridiculous and way too bizarre.”

Those "bizarre" arguments have been sparked by anything from Dumbledore's death to armpits to bread to dominoes to Prince.

The two reportedly wait until a fight has been resolved before they tweet it out, usually finding what started their argument amusing, and say the social media exercise has acted as a form of couple’s therapy.

“We know we’ll be able to resolve it and put it up in a wording that will make us both kind of laugh about it,” Linic told NY Magazine.

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