Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: The Wedding, the Divorce

It seems like only yesterday (rather, three weeks ago) we were watching the Kardashian-Humphries wedding spectacular on E! Click to see all the moments that led up to their fairytale wedding — and now, their divorce.

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BURBANK, CA - OCTOBER 04: NBA player Kris Humphries (L) and his wife reality TV personality Kim Kardashian appear on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno at NBC Studios on October 4, 2011 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty Images)
After their Italian honeymoon, Kim and Kris Humphries attended a welcome home party in New York. But now Kim is filing for divorce. Think the once-happy couple could have predicted such a quick turn of events? Click to see more from the couple's courtship and marriage.
Rumors flew when Kim showed up for a Halloween party at Lavo with a stunning Poison Ivy costume — but with hubby Kris nowhere to be found. Kim is filing for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences," but is not seeking an annulment. The date of separation is reportedly listed as Oct. 31.
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Not long ago they couldn't keep their eyes off each other — but what will happen now? Some speculate that due to the NBA lockout, Kris was spending too much time partying — not to mention too much money — finally leading Kim to her wit's end.
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The formerly lovey-dovey couple appeared on the "Tonight Show With Jay Leno" recently. They shot down rumors of a pregnancy and even talked about their possible business ventures in Dubai! Alas, none of those plans seems possible now. This duo sure knows how to keep a crowd on its toes.
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Kim signed autographs for a store full of fans at a Manhattan Bloomingdale's in celebration of her Belle Noel jewelry collection in September. The newlywed was spotted all over NYC, including at the U.S. Open and Fashion Week and even on the street hailing cabs.
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Kris Humphries proposed by writing "Will you marry me?" in rose petals on Kim's bed. Kim, of course, said yes and spread the good news to the rest of her family. The two made record time with about six months of dating... Maybe things went a little too quickly?
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A harbinger of things to come? Kris looked bored while he and Kim shopped at lavish boutiques, like Christian Louboutin, for wedding wares. But nevermind the price tag — the pair actually made millions off their nuptials.
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The elegant invitation to the over-the-top wedding looks like it might hold up even better than the short-lived couple's marriage certificate.
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Sister Khloe threw Kim a bachelorette party in Las Vegas, replete with lots of ladies, liquor and X-rated party favors — including a dirty cake presented by a stripper. Maybe this is more up Kim's alley than domestic bliss...
And what's a bachelorette party without a tiara and sash to distinguish her as the guest of smutty honor? Kim took a break from the phallic confections to dance with friends.
But at Kris' bachelor party, the boys had their share of Vegas fun, too. Humphries got some pool time during his bachelor party at TAO Beach in Las Vegas. Might his predilection for partying have had a hand in dooming his marriage?
Later he celebrated with his soon-to-be in-laws Rob Kardashian, Khloé's hubby (and Los Angeles Laker) Lamar Odom and Kourtney's baby daddy Scott Disick.
The rest of his posse enjoyed a cake that read: "Property of Kim Kardashian FOR LIFE." We'd like to suggest that cake's message be amended.
Kim on how the two met: “We met at a basketball game in New Jersey, and I saw him and thought he was cute, and I told my friend who was sitting next to me... I was like, ‘Oh my God, this guy running in front of me is so cute,’ and my friend was like ‘Oh, I know his friend,’ and so they kind of set us up on this group dinner... and I thought, ‘Why not?’”
Kris gave Kim a custom-designed 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring — rumored to be worth just over $2 million. So what happens to the behemoth of a ring now? That conversation's got to be awkward...
Kim's no stranger to high-profile break-ups. Always a sucker for a sports star, she dated NFL running back Reggie Bush, then a New Orleans Saint, for three years before eventually splitting up due to scheduling conflicts.
Bush wasn't Kardashian's Mr. Right, and their break-up was chronicled on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."
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After breaking things off with Bush, the reality starlet dated another pro football player: Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. But that relationship fizzled soon after the two met.
Kim embarked on her first marriage, to music producer Damon Thomas, at the tender age of 19. That union ended in a messy divorce after four years.
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Maybe Kim should have taken the advice of her best friend and fellow basketball wife Lala Vazquez. Lala, who kept trying to fix up Kim before she married Kris, told PopEater she thought Kim should ditch the football jerseys for a "suit-and-tie."
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These days, we're not sure how much Kim and Kris, a New Jersey Net, have in common — besides, that is, parents with a hankering to give their kids unusually spelled "K" names.
Kim's wasn't afraid to send "I love you" hand signals to Kris Humphries during the Nets' home game against the Utah Jazz.
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Now that the marriage is kaput, we have to agree with Kris Jenner that it's "a little creepy" that she and her son-in-law share a first name. But Kris the Elder shares her daughters' penchant for pro athletes. She showed up on "The Tonight Show" with decathlete hubby Bruce Jenner back in June.
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Surely Kris knew he was marrying into one of America's most scrutinized families — and into America's favorite TV guilty pleasure, as the sisters were crowned at the 2011 People's Choice Awards. Maybe the pressure got to him and Kim...
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With all those names beginning with "K," their family reunions must be a mouthful — just like their book tours. Here, Kim, Kourtney and Khloé promote and sign their book "Kardashian Konfidential."
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What could the girl who already had a $2 million ring want? Why, everything, of course. Kim's bridal registry included Hermès dishes (ringing up at $110 a plate) and an all-silver tea and coffee set (just shy of $7,000) — and she made millions off the wedding itself.
Of course, Kim can probably fend for herself when it comes to all the extravagant gifts she wants — even if she does give 10% of her wealth to the church, as she told Piers Morgan back in January.
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Mobs showed up for the opening of the New York location of the entrepreneurial trio's boutique D-A-S-H in July. In 2009 they celebrated the opening of a shop in Miami — which judging by that cake was more than happy to have them.
Five pretty girls and a hard-driving matriarch with a nose for publicity have turned the Kardashian clan into a money-making machine. Between their endorsements, perfumes, shows, book and paid appearances, the family pulled in $65 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter — and Kim's spectacular wedding netted another $17 million.
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For all of her life that's been lived publicly, Kim hit the roof when she discovered that a nude shoot she'd done for "W" magazine had resulted in a nude spread. "Oh my God, I'm more naked than I was in 'Playboy,'" the starlet complained. But for a Kardashian, any publicity is good publicity...
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...except maybe when it results in big-box retailers hiring your lookalike to sell pants. (The nerve!) Citing the "valuable" Kardashian likeness, Kim sued Old Navy over its ad campaign featuring a suspiciously similar-looking actress.
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Kim palled around with fellow reality star Snooki on the sidelines at a Nets game. Think she was proudly pointing out her then-fiancé Kris?
Neither marriage nor divorce nor reality TV stays this starlet from the swift completion of her appointed rounds. Kim and her sisters have been plotting a fashion line for Sears — and who knows, maybe she intends to continue her middling foray into pop music...
At least we know that Kim didn't need a lesson in ballroom dancing before she and Kris took to the floor at their wedding reception: She'd already picked up some moves from her coaches on "Dancing with the Stars."
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Soon before her wedding to Kris, Kim told "Us Magazine" that she hoped they'd start trying to have kids "by the end of the year." Looks like that's not happening — unless there's another announcement Kim's waiting to make.
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Tyra Banks looked to be in a fighting mood as she greeted Kim at the VH1 Do Something Awards, but she later told People that she gave the bride-to-be "the advice of going with a silhouette that the world isn’t used to seeing her in." If only her advice had been "don't do it."
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