Croctober: Crocs Giving Away Thousands of Free Shoes for Its 20th Anniversary

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Crocs de colores

Crocs have always generated mixed opinions.

On one hand are the people who swear they wouldn't be caught dead in a pair and on the other are those who see them as a comfortable way of expressing themselves.

Regardless of where you land in that debate, it's undeniable that the brand has made a name for itself.

This October, the iconic shoes that people love to hate turn 20 and to celebrate, Croc lovers have the chance to win one of tens of thousands of pairs of Crocs that are being raffled off until Oct. 7.

To participate in the "Croctober" sweepstakes, you must become members of the Crocs Club here. There is no cost to participate. They also recommend checking back on their website for details on the 20th Anniversary Croc Day Party on Oct. 23.

Balenciaga teamed up with Crocs to create these heels for its Spring 2022 collection.
Balenciaga teamed up with Crocs to create these heels for its Spring 2022 collection.

Things You Might Not Know About Crocs

Crocs are manufactured mainly in Mexico and Canada, though they are also manufactured by contract in other countries.

Although some see Crocs as beach sandals, gardening shoes, or for any job that requires standing for a long time, they are popular all over the world with endless possibilities. This includes a boot style that a Mexican influencer made famous at the cost of $800. Generic Crocs range from $50 to $100.

Many exclusive styles are made in collaboration with designers from all over the world. For example, the company works with Balenciaga, a contemporary fashion firm that put Crocs on a platform by turning "flip-flops" into a luxury item.

It’s through these collaborations with influencers and designers that every time Crocs go out of style, they come back with some sort of reinvention.

Of course, it does help that Gen Z is obsessed with 2000s fashion.

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