Agent 007 Coming to the Rescue of “Cowboys & Aliens”

Agent 007 is on tap to save "Cowboys & Aliens" from Sherlock Holmes.

News that Robert Downey Jr.'s shooting schedule for the "Sherlock Holmes" sequel conflicted with "Cowboys & Aliens"  sent writer-director Jon Favreau scrambling for a replacement to lead his new project for DreamWorks. You could do a lot worse than Daniel Craig, who is in talks to saddle up for the role of Jake Johnson, reported Reuters.

The movie is based on a comic book about an alien invasion that strikes the American Southwest in the late 1800s, forcing the white folks and the Native Americans to band together to fight a common enemy. The movie hopes to start shooting this summer for a 2011 release.

For a picture like this to lose a star as big as Downey and find a sub as solid as Craig should give hope to Sony and their floundering "Spider-Man" franchise.

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