Dog the Bounty Hunter Toughs Out Blood Clot Scare

Duane Chapman goes to hospital after a work-related injury

“Dog” the Bounty Hunter is known for fearlessly tracking down bad guys in his hit A&E reality series, but this weekend the tough guy can be fearless of blood clots, too.

Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Duane Chapman was taken to the UCLA Medical Center Saturday as a precaution after a work-related injury,  his website reported. But on Sunday he was up and running again.

“He was admitted for tests for a possible blood clot following an injury he suffered on a bounty hunt,” said Dog’s wife and business partner, Beth Chapman, in a statement Saturday night. “Duane is in very capable hands and we thank everyone for their prayers.”

No details were released on what “bounty hunt” caused such a serious injury, but TMZ reported that Chapman was released from the hospital the following morning. His appearance at the Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose, CA, stayed on schedule.

That morning, Mrs. Chapman tweeted: “Yes dog is injured it is an occupational hazard that we deal with he is very strong and in excellent condition he will 4 sure survive.”

“Dog the Bounty Hunter,” based in Hawaii, chronicles Duane’s fugitive-catching adventures  along with his family, a.k.a. his “bounty hunting posse.”

An ex-con who served in a Texas jail, Chapman turned his life around when he became a born-again Christian. Cameras now follow him catching fugitives on the loose and persuading them to change their ways. too. The show is A&E’s highest rated series. Season 7 premieres on Wednesday.

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