Dolphins Trade for QB Thigpen

Tyler Thigpen was 1-10 as a starter and is an upgrade at QB for the Phins

The Miami Dolphins have traded an undiscolsed draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs to get QB Tyler Thigpen, the Miami Herald reports.

The news comes less than 24 hours after Chad Pennington was lost for the season due to a shoulder injury. Chad Henne is expected to continue to be the starter for the team, but his performance in relief duty against the San Diego Chargers couldn't have grown much confidence in the coaching staff.

Thigpen, who started much of last seasin for the Chiefs, becomes the Dolphins most experienced NFL quarterback despite only being in his third season. He joins rookie Pat White on the sideline, but it's unclear who will be Henne's backup.

It's not often that a player with a 1-10 record as a starter is an upgrade, but Thigpen might be that exception.

With one eye on the future, the Dolphins all but closed the door on its past by placing Pennington on injured reserve. Pennington's last snap in a Dolphins uniform may also be the last of his career after what will undoubtedly be his third major shoulder surgery soon.

Thigpen may give an added dimension to the offense because he has the ability to run effectively. He ran for 386 yards on 62 carries last season for an average of 6.2 yards per carry. Thigpen also has a good arm, but has only completed 54 percent of his passes so far in his short career.

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