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Lil Who? Internet Quick to Remind President Trump He Knows Lil Jon

The comments quickly got Lil Jon trending on Twitter as many were determined to prove Trump knows who the rapper is

So many "Apprentice" contestants, so little memory.

Earlier today, Donald Trump spoke to reporters at the White House to discuss the midterm election results. During the Q&A portion, one journalist asked a question about some of the claims made by a few familiar--or not-so-familiar--faces.

"Michael Cohen recently said you called black voters stupid. Omarosa has accused you of using the N-word," the reporter shared. "And the rapper Lil Jon has said you called him Uncle Tom, what's your response?"

After the President of the United States called the first two claims "false," he took it one step further in regards to Lil Jon's allegation.

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"I don't know who Lil Jon is. I really don't," Donald shared before the reporter reminded him that he appeared on "The Apprentice" franchise. "Oh I see. I would never do that. I don't use racist remarks and if I did, you would have known about it. I've never used racist remarks."

The comments quickly got Lil Jon trending on Twitter and the Internet determined to prove our Commander-in-Chief knows who the rapper is.

For starters, the man behind hits including "Turn Down for What" and "Outta Your Mind" appeared on the fourth season of "Celebrity Apprentice" where he made the final four.

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And when the sixth season turned into all-star "Celebrity Apprentice," the artist returned to compete and made it to the final four again. In fact, an episode from the finale has surfaced on YouTube that shows Donald praising the contestant.

"There was somebody that I thought was just an amazing player...He was special," he explained before awarding Lil Jon's charity American Diabetes Association $100,000. "In fact, when I fired him, I took a lot of heat. People were going crazy."

And thanks to the beauty of Twitter search, users can now see just how much Donald has tweeted about the rapper in recent years.

"@LilJon once again made it to the Final Four. A true talent and great friend to #CelebApprentice @ApprenticeNBC. Great job!" he shared in May 2013.

Another post from July 2014 read, " Thanks @LilJon for coming to my defense in Rolling Stone Magazine. As I have often said, you are a terrific guy!"

"Celebrity Apprentice" was produced and owned by MGM and appeared on the NBC Television Network.

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