Donald Trump

Trump a ‘Brilliant' Businessman? Tax Experts Say Otherwise

Following the release of some of Trump's 1995 tax filings, experts say Trump's losses are "unusual"

While Donald Trump touts himself as a business genius, tax experts say that his experiences suggest otherwise, according to NBC News.

Following the New York Times' release of pages from Trump's 1995 tax filings that show close to $916 million in losses, Trump attempted to explain the documents. He said they were evidence of his "talent," "skill, dedication and sheer grit." 

He said the losses are his "net operating loss," or NOL. NOL can cancel out an individual's income tax during a given year. NYU tax law professor Dan Shaviro said that the NOL loophole isn't special to Trump - it's something any business owner would use.

Shaviro added that a loss of over $900 million is "unusual."

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