DOUBLE THE ANGER: Two “Mad Max” Sequels Shooting Back To Back

The last time there was a “Mad Max” movie was 25 years ago. Since that time, Mel Gibson has gone on to universal acclaim as the director of “Braveheart,” followed by universal disdain as the guy who badmouthed Jews during a DUI stop. These are still dark days for Mel, but the character that made him into a worldwide megastar is about to experience a considerable rebirth. In fact, not only is original “Max” director George Miller prepping a fourth film in the series (with actor Tom Hardy now in the title role), he’s planning a FIFTH as well, as filming the two sequels back to back. The folks at Twitch have the details:

George Miller is working on not one but TWO new Mad Max films, the duo slated to be shot back to back. The title already known to the public is Mad Max: Fury Road and word is that Fury Road will be followed immediately by Mad Max: Furiosa. The two films will reportedly be shot back to back for rapid release.

I like the title “Furiosa.” It reminds of “Fantasia,” only with the added component of blind anger. Works for me. George Miller has one of the more eclectic filmographies of any major director working today. This is a guy who’s done “The Road Warrior” and followed it up with things like “Babe: Pig In The City” and “Happy Feet.” He’s also directed only four movies in the past 23 years. So we’re now faced with the prospect of Miller suddenly returning to his ultraviolent post-apocalyptic roots, and doing it TWICE, in quick fashion.

This is cool. They could have remade “Mad Max” with Taylor Lautner and had it directed by McG and you would have hated every frame of it, and rightfully so. Instead, the franchise is being resurrected by the same guy who created it thirty-one years ago. There’s a continuity and integrity there that gives the project a whole lot more credibility. And let’s face it, you can never get too much of a world where people murder each other for gas and drive motorcycles around swinging maces at one another. That never gets old, I swear.

So prepare yourself for a double dose of “Mad Max” coming soon. There’s no Mel. But there’ll still be plenty of blood. And really, that’s all anyone can ask for.

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