Elizabeth Banks Talking Sam Worthington Off “A Ledge”

Despite being one of the sexy-funniest actresses in Hollywood, Elizabeth Banks continues to rack up the dramatic roles, having most recently added Sam Worthington to her dance card.

Banks will star as an NYPD crisis negotiator in "Man on a Ledge," reported Deadline. The film co-stars Worthington in the title role, a suicidal cop who's been falsely accused of a crime.

The film co-star Jamie Bell as Worthington's brother, who just so happens to be planning a jewelry heist to take place -- wait for it -- right across the street from the building from which Worthington is threatening to jump. And poor Anthony Mackie is relegated to playing Worthington's ex-partner.

Interestingly, the script was written by Pablo Fejves, the man who lived next door to OJ Simpson's wife a the time of her murder and was the witness who during testimony in the subsequent trial described a dog's barking on that fateful night as "a plaintive wail."

Banks will next be seen starring opposite Russell Crowe in "The Next Days," about a man who will do anything to get his wife out of prison. Worthington will be starring alongside Keira Knightley in "Last Night," about a married couple converted by temptation during a night apart, and in "The Debt," about three Israeli agents who must clean up a mess they left behind some 30 years ago.

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