Emaciated Horse Rescued With 3-Foot-Long Hooves

NBC News

Three neglected and emaciated horses were discovered earlier this month with over-grown hooves after Maryland officials called animal welfare workers to check on the animals, NBC News reported. 

A chestnut mare with hooves over three feet long was euthanized at the site because her legs were badly damaged after years of neglect, the Days End Farm Horse Rescue explained on its website.

The three horses had to have been locked in a stall for at least 15 years, the animal rescue stated. 

Two other stallions had their excess hooves removed and a vet took x-rays of their feet to plan for rehabilitation. Both animals are still in critical condition and will need months to become healthy again, the website explained. 

In the video put out by NBC News, a horse appears to be in good-spirits, prancing around outside.

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