Facebook Crashes After 360-Video Feature Announcement


Facebook appeared to be down briefly midday Thursday for some users; a day after the company announced it was rolling out a 360-degree video feature.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced it was rolling out a new video format on the site's News Feed that would allow users to choose the angle from which they want to watch posted videos. 

The crash also came during Pope Francis' historical visit to the United States. Earlier in the day, the pope was giving a speech to Congress urging lawmakers to embrace migrants and act on climate change.

While it's not clear if the crash had anything to do with the trip, prior to the pontiff's arrival, social media platforms and wireless carriers anticipated activity to rival that of the Super Bowl and are using the big game as a guide for added capacity near pope's stops in Washington, New York and Philadelphia. 

People turned to Twitter to aired their frustrations about the social networking website, which appeared to be crashing sporadically in the afternoon. 

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