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","id":"1891040","thumbnail_url":"","type":"image","focusedSlide":""},{"caption":"Look closely: This one-of-a-kind vintage pendant also houses a filigree chamber for tucking in pieces of perfume-soaked paper or sponge. ($998 at <a href=””>Anthropologie</a>)
Fred Flare
By day, this bottle-opener ring looks slick and stylish; Come happy hour, it's an accessory <i>and</i> a bar trick. ($8 at <a href=””>Fred Flare</a>)
This <a href="">Feast/Shop Chicago find</a> could save a life. It's called the Emergency Red Bra. And it's padded with not one — but two! — air filtering life masks. ($29.99 at <a href="">Ebbra</a>)
The Feast
Our San Diego editor tipped us off to this double-duty find: Waist Knot Co.'s belt buckles are actually vintage (working) mirrored compacts. Oddly placed? Maybe. Oddly cool? Certainly. ($65-$155 at <a href="">Waist Knot Belt Co.</a>)
Wintercheck Factory
It's a scarf! It's a wallet! Wintercheck Factory's goods-keeping accessory was born of designer Kristen Wentrcek's personal disdain for unnecessary coat checks. ($42 at <a href="">Wintercheck Factory</a>)
Hidden Soles
Street commuters rejoice: Both styles of this hidden compartment-hiding purse stow your heels and weathered goods away from lipsticks, papers, and pills. ($59.99 at <a href="">Hidden Soles</a>)
Two Bandits
Just like that, you can double your shoe wardrobe: Two Bandits chains and straps go from boot to boot with just a flick of the wrist. (From $70 at <a href="">Two Bandits</a>)
Harputs Own
The aptly titled "Swacket" can be wrapped, buttoned, folded, and fixed to wear four different way. ($500 at <a href="">Harputs Own</a>)
Opening Ceremony
A jacket pin <i>and</i> a music player. This Playbutton MP3 player is made exclusively for Opening Ceremony, and comes stocked with a hidden compartment-playing set list of previously unreleased love songs. ($25 at <a href="">Opening Ceremony</a>)
This charming pendant also happens to ensure you'll never get lost on an untoward adventure either in the wood or just downtown. ($28 at <a href="">Topshop</a>)
In an emergency, the Paracord Survival Bracelet can be taken apart so you can actually use the cord, of which there’s approximately 10 to 13 feet. ($24.95 at <a href="">Paracord Survival</a>)
It's safe to credit Marc Jacobs with hiking the style status of the beauty-product-as-accessory trend. His Daisy perfume ring remains a classic. ($40 at <a href="">Marc Jacobs</a>)
The pilot-style, black Gucci Eyeweb collection frames are equal opportunity: Unisex rims feature lenses designed to be compatible with today's most common 3-D film formats. ($225 at <a href="">Gucci</a>)
YOUgNeek / Etsy
Thwart fashion emergencies with a set of these: Each tiny gold-plated earrings is also a working whistle. ($19.99 at <a href="">Etsy</a>)
1928 Jewelry
This <i>Mad Men</i>-worthy accessory is just a eye-catching in-hand as on its vintage style gold chain. ($20 at <a href="">1928 Jewelry</a>)
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