FISA Warrant for Former Trump Aide Carter Page Made Public

A FISA warrant authorizes the FBI to conduct surveillance of a person whom the Department of Justice has probable cause to believe is an agent of a foreign power

The FBI on Saturday made public redacted documents related to the electronic surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, who was at the center of a controversy over how the FBI sought the secretive warrant, NBC News reported.

The documents released Saturday appear to discount claims made by some Republicans that the FBI failed to properly disclose sources of information used to seek the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant, and it shows that authorities used other sources of information besides the Steele "dossier" in the application, which was granted by a judge.

The warrant, which is heavily redacted in several areas, was released on Saturday following Freedom of Information Act litigation launched by The New York Times and other media organizations and it was released with the approval of a judge.

On Sunday, Page strongly denied being an agent of a foreign power and called the claims in the FISA warrant "so ridiculous" and "spin." He said on CNN's State of the Union Sunday that "it's literally a complete joke and it only continues, it's just really sad."

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