“Friends With Kids” Trailer Explores a Terrible Family Arrangement

Writer-director Jennifer Westfedlt's "Friends With Benefits" has delivered a star-studded trailer that takes a look at how stupid it is to think you can raise a baby with an old friend while the two of you maintain separate sex lives.

Westfeldt also stars in the film, alongside Adam Scott as the titular couple, Jason and Julie. Among their friends are the married-with-kids Alex and Leslie (Chris O'Dowd and Maya Rudolph), whose sex life ain't what it used to be. Their other friends, Ben and Missy (Jon Hamm--Westfeldt's real-life "life partner"--and Kristen Wiig), are childless, but have a robust sex life. (should Westfeldt start worrying about how much movie-sex Hamm and Wiig are having these days?)

So Jason and Julie get it in their heads that they can have both, and decide to sleep together just enough to make a baby, raise the kid together and pursue other people, who end up being Edward Burns and Megan Fox.

Not for nothing, but we can't help but notice that the lead characters share the same first initials as Westfeldt and Hamm.

The film sports half the cast of "Bridesmaids," as well as Adam Scott, so there's no shortage of talent, let's hope Westfeldt, whose previous writing credits include "Kissing Jessica Stein," can make it pay off.

"Friends With Kids" opens March 9.

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