Gingerbread Masterpieces Debut at the Gingerbread City Gala 2018

Up to 20 gingerbread structures will be on display for the annual competition benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation. Here are nine of those featured gingerbread structures.

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Chicago New Years Party
EMPTY_CAPTION"A Magical Dream" created by Sandy Castro. Her design inspiration was "dreamy with over the top images that come to you in the middle of the night while you sleep."
Brenda Gregorio-Nieto
EMPTY_CAPTION"Christmas Fantasy" at "Butrón Castle" created by Melina Sinhoui and Ana Ma Mendoza. Their design inspiration was the "representation of the medieval Butrón Castle in northern Spain depicting joy, love and peace."
EMPTY_CAPTION"Medieval Christmas Spirit" created by Brenda Madrigal and Roxana Montserrat Moran. Their design inspiration was “A medieval castle interior representing how people lived and socialized during holidays in this era.”
Richard Hsu/Flickr
EMPTY_CAPTION"Romantic Castle" by Cecilia Esparza, Martha Ruiz, and Laura Favela. Their design inspiration was “A Romantic Gothic Castle inspired by nature, emotion and imagination.”
EMPTY_CAPTION"Santa’s Castle" by Imelda Guzman with the help of Eliseo Guzman, Leticia Cisneros, and Guillermo Amador. Their design inspiration was “ Elves venturing through Santa's magical enchanted castle at the North Pole helping Santa get his sleigh ready on Christmas Day.”
EMPTY_CAPTION"The Enchanted Christmas" created by Estela Rocha and Lupe Rocha. Design inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Marcus White
EMPTY_CAPTION"Fish Creek Cottage" created by Ethan Bartelle who is the youngest competitor at 13-years-old. He says he was inspired "to create a cottage built along a forest stream in a rural farm like setting."
Brenda Gregorio-Nieto
EMPTY_CAPTION"Village of Dreams" created by Fetu Escoto Dyke. Gingerbread structure inspired by every person’s humble start of “living in our cottage” with goals, visions and dreams for a better future.
Brenda Gregorio-Nieto
EMPTY_CAPTION"We’re Off" created by Jackie Shih. Her design was actually dedicated to a doctor she admires who faces challenges with grace and courage.
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