Google Now Selling Designer Clothes

Company offering pricey "fashion" for sale online

As part of a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and vogue magazine, Google looked to inspire a number of up-and-coming designers.

And after announcing the finalists last year and showing off the couture, the company is now offering ready-to-wear items, including a T-shirt, pendant and scarf.

Befitting the high-design aspirations, the prices are fit for someone with a lot of Google stock -- the cotton jersey tee from Gary Graham costs $85 while
the knit scarf from Alexa Adams and Flora Gill weighs in at $300.

Not surprisingly, Google VP Marissa Mayer originally announced the contest finalists. Mayer, who sits on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's board and is regularly spotted at society galas wearing couture, seems increasingly convinced that she has a refined sense of taste and style.

Google's foray into clothing sales doesn't seem to be part of the company's mission in any way, but it does seem to be an attempt by Google to associate itself with the type of high-end design that Apple is famous for.

But to do that, the company would probably be better off designing attractive products.

Jackson West wouldn't wear that Google tee even if it was free schwag.

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