Harrison Ford Saddling Up for “Cowboys & Aliens”

After a few days of breathless speculation, Jon Favreau has confirmed that Harrison Ford is joining him for "Cowboys & Aliens," and he did it in the fashion that publicists dread most.

"Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in Cowboys & Aliens. Okay? He is. Please don't tell anybody," tweeted the film's director.

Ford joins a cast that so far includes Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde in this comic book adaptation about cowboys and Indians who are forced to team up to battle a common enemy: alien invaders.

It's unknown what his role is as yet, and really who cares? As long as it goes towards washing away the memory of "Extraordinary Measures," or rather the last 17 years of his career. Take a look at his IMDB page and tell us there's a single good film on his list since 1993's "The Fugitive."

Craig stepped into the lead role in January when the success of "Sherlock Holmes" forced Downey to step down in deference to a sequel.

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