“Hesher” Director Susser Developing Zombie Apocalypse Teen Romance

Spencer Susser's feature film debut, "Heshser," starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a long-haired pot-smoking metal-loving anarchist, opens in April. Now he's got his next project lined up.

Susser is working on expanding a short he made in 2007, "I Love Sarah Jane," into full-length film, according to The Age (by way of The Playlist). The film, which stars a not-yet-famous Mia Wasikowska, is thematically similar to "Heshser," in that it focuses on a bike-riding teen dealing with the aftermath of tragedy and his first crush at the same time. "Sarah Jane," which has a lot of "adult language" and zombie gore, is embedded below.

"Hesher," which co-stars reigning Best Actress Natalie Portman (who also produced the film), features another great performance from JGL, as well as a nice dramatic turn by Rainn "Dwight Schrute" Wilson. It's funny, thoughtful and sweet, though the ending is an overly melodramatic mess.

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