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Hill Republicans Begin Jockeying for Power in a Possible Post-Trump World

A fight over coronavirus aid has revealed lawmakers looking past a dire November and toward potential new power structures to come

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Amid a stalled fight in Congress over the future of a $1 trillion coronavirus aid package, a parallel battle has been coming into focus: a struggle for the future of the Republican Party, NBC News reports.

Behind closed doors in both the House and Senate this week, Republican lawmakers saw their ire focused not on Democrats, but instead at each other, a product lawmakers and strategists say of President Donald Trump’s sinking poll numbers.

"They’re dealing with a grim reality" Doug Heye, a Republican strategist and former senior House aide, said of the outlook in congressional campaign committees.

The disagreements that broke out last week appeared to be over fiscal issues like continuing the $600 a week unemployment payments and just how much money the federal government should continue to pump into the struggling economy.

But every fight revealed a party that appears to be looking past the dire outlook of November and on to the possibility of a leadership reshuffle in the winter.

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