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Royal Baby Name: How Do You Pronounce ‘Prince Louis'?

Hint: It rhymes with chewy

Oui, it's LOO-ee. 

Kensington Palace announced Friday that Will and Kate's third royal baby has been named Louis Arthur Charles. The celebratory tweet helpfully noted that his official title will be His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. 

But the palace left out just how to pronounce the little one's name — leading British media to publish a rash of explainers that yes, the baby's name should be pronounced the French way. That means the "s" is silent. The English way would be to name the child Lewis. 

"No worries, we've got you covered," blared The Sun. The tabloid noted that Louis originally means "famous warrior" and the name was bestowed upon 19 kings of France.  

But it should be noted there's an asterisk with king No. 19. Louis XIX was technically only king for 20 minutes before abdicating the throne like his father before him so he never ruled. Wikipedia adds "disputed" next to his title. 

There was, however, a King Louis in England back in the day, Metro UK reported. Angry barons declared France's King Louis VII of France the king of England in 1216 after they soured on King John. Once John died, the barons threw their support to the former king's son and soon Louis VII was back in France. 

As for the current royal family, Louis is part of the Duke of Cambridge's full name: William Arthur Philip Louis.

The choice also pays tribute to another Louis in the family, The Associated Press reported. Louis Mountbatten, the great uncle and mentor of William's grandfather, Prince Charles, was killed by an Irish Republican Army bomb in 1979.

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