ICE Deports Man Awaiting Hip Replacement Surgery to Mauritania

A doctor who said she met with Ndiaye during his detention told NBC News he was able to walk with "great pain," a limp and "great difficulty"

A 60-year-old Ohio man who was waiting for hip replacement surgery was deported to his native Mauritania on Tuesday without the operation, according to his attorney.

Goura Ndiaye lived in Ohio for nearly 20 years, under supervision by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, NBC News reports. He attended routine check-in meetings with ICE without issue until December 2018, when he was detained.

Ndiaye was deported Tuesday, sent back to a country where the UN says some darker-skinned people like him are enslaved. He also has limited mobility because of his necrotic hip, according to his attorney, Alexandria Lubans-Otto.

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