Indiana Police Searching for McDonald's Customer Who Paid With Heroin Wrapped With Money: Report

Police in Indiana are trying to find a man who gave a McDonald’s worker money and a bag of heroin last week.

Police said the driver of the car, which was occupied by two other people, handed money to the LaPorte McDonald's worker through the drive-thru last Monday night, the South Bend Tribune reported Friday. The employee realized the money was wrapped around a small green plastic bag that contained a dark substance.

Police tested the substance and confirmed it as heroin, according to the report.

Although the employee was unable to provide a great description of the suspects in the car, he did notice that the driver was slurring his words as if he was intoxicated, according to the South Bend Tribune.

LaPorte Metro Operations Coordinator Harlan Williams told the South Bend Tribune the incident will be investigated and surveillance video will be reviewed to try to locate the suspects.

''It shows you how significant the problem is here that we're battling,'' Williams told the publication.

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