Donald Trump

Is This the Man Who Briefly Shut Down Donald Trump's Twitter Account?

The man who may have started the process that led Twitter to shut down President Donald Trump's account early this month was quoted Wednesday as agreeing with the company that the 11-minute blackout was an accident, NBC News reported.

The man, identified by the technology site TechCrunch as Bahtiyar Duysak, is quoted as saying he was working on his last day as a contractor on Twitter's help desk on Nov. 2 when he received one of the many user reports Twitter gets every day complaining about the president's rhetoric.

In a video of the interview posted with the TechCrunch article, the man identified as Duysak says he simply fielded the complaint and started Twitter's process to review and take action on it.

NBC News hasn't verified TechCrunch's identification of Duysak as having been involved in the incident. A spokesperson for Twitter confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday night that a man named Bahtiyar Duysak had worked for the company but said Twitter couldn't comment on former employees "to protect our internal security measures."

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