Jack in the Box Unveils Bacon-Flavored Milkshake

The "technically vegetarian" beverage isn't listed on the menu.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 2012's first harbinger of the apocalypse: Jack in the Box is selling a bacon-flavored milkshake.

The Bacon Shake, available in limited-edition supply, contains vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a maraschino cherry and "bacon-flavored syrup."
The Orange County Register notes that the milkshake is not listed on the restaurant's menu and was not promoted in any of the chain's Super Bowl advertisements. 
The under-the-radar roll-out may have something to do with the Bacon Shake's super-sized nutritional credentials: the 24-ounce cup packs in 1,081 calories and 54 grams of fat.
What's more, the shake is getting panned by the fast-food intelligentsia and low-brow foodie establishment.
SFist food blogger Brock Keeling writes that the "horrific" beverage is "aggressively" bad and "hits the senses like smokey maple syrup."
On the bright side, Keeling notes, the Bacon Shake is "technically vegetarian." 
"So, you know, there's that," he writes. (Somewhere, Ron Swanson knits his brows).
Word-of-mouth buzz essentially ensures that the Bacon Shake will be a hit among Jack in the Box buffs with less discerning palettes. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that some stores are already running out of the drink.
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