Jake Gyllenhaal Uses Sports Metaphor To Describe Sex Scenes With Anne Hathaway

Stars shed clothes for "65 percent of the movie"

Jake Gyllenhaal is making the press rounds to promote his upcoming movie "Love and Other Drugs" -- and he may break some sort of record for sex-related sports metaphors in the process.

While discussing the film last night on the "Late Show with David Letterman," Gyllenhaal compared the carefully choreographed sex scenes with co-star Anne Hathaway to football. When he made a crack about the "defensive end" the show's host blanched.

"Oh, my God," Letterman gasped. "I have never in my entire life heard anything quite that ... bizarre."

The sexually charged film, based on the book "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman," apparently features the two A-listers in quite a few, um, tender embraces.

"For 65 percent of the movie we don't have our clothes on," Gyllenhaal told Letterman.

That's something else that caught Letterman off guard. Especially when Gyllenhaal dropped trou.

"You know -- that didn't occur to me," the late night great said.

"Usually, when people have sex both people have to take their clothes off, David," the actor pointed out.

"I know, but for some reason I didn't see that coming," Letterman responded.

From the sound of it, there are plenty of surprises in "Love." The film is out next week -- at which point we'll find out how accurate Gyllenhaal's metaphor really is.


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