Jimmy Fallon and Josh Hutcherson Go Head-to-Head in Beer Hockey

“This game is out of control Jimmy! This game is out of control!” yelled Hutcherson.

Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Fallon competed in an intense game that combines beer pong and air hockey.

The star of the “Hunger Games” franchise stopped by “The Tonight Show” Thursday to promote his lasted project, the highly anticipated “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” and chatted with Fallon about being sick on his current press tour before answering fans’ Twitter questions —a medium he infrequently uses.

“I’m not like an everyday, ‘Getting my Starbucks,’ ‘So sad,’ or like those random [tweets],” he joked. “Hashtag Frappuccino.”

Twitter fans asked the “Red Dawn” actor to reveal his favorite childhood memory as well as weirdest talent. The best disclosure came last, when a fan asked Hutcherson if there were any hidden secrets in any of “The Hunger Games” movies.

“Actually, there is a big one that our director Francis Lawrence put in 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire,' said Hutcherson.

In a scene where his character Peeta Mellark is about to enter a tunnel, above the entryway is a sign that reads “PDL-736.” The letters stand for the Spanish explorer “Ponce de Leon” and the number is the address of an underground hip-hop club they frequented in Atlanta during filming.

Fallon then invited Hutcherson to play a game of Beer Hockey, which combined air hockey and beer pong. For every goal a player scored, the other person had to down a cup of beer. The first person to score three would emerge victorious. And after tying in their last game, Thanksgiving Object Shootout, the stakes were higher than ever for a rematch between the two.

It was a slow start for Hutcherson as the “Tonight Show” host scored the first point. The next two pucks swayed in the actors favor as they landed in Fallon’s cups and positioned him one score from the win.

“You can’t come back from this man,” said Hutcherson, speaking too soon as Fallon scores one for a tie.

The nail-biting tie-breaker brought out the competitive spirit between the two and at one point two pucks were at play.

“This game is out of control Jimmy! This game is out of control!” yelled Hutcherson.

As the two teased each other about being thirsty and who would be next to take a drink, Fallon scored for the win.

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