John Rich Wins “Celebrity Apprentice”

After a season of ratings-friendly feuds and short-lived presidential ambitions, Donald Trump named country musician John Rich the latest "Celebrity Apprentice" on Sunday's season finale.   

Rich, one half of the country duo Big & Rich, beat out actress Marlee Matlin, winning $250,000 for his selected charity, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

The episode began with two men literally rolling out a red carpet in front of Trump as he walked down the streets of New York, Entertainment Weekly reported. The two-hour season finale was a continuation of the previous episode, in which Matlin and Rich prepared launch campaigns for 7 Up Retro, to present at a gala.

Rich worked with Lil John, Mark McGrath and Star Jones, and Matlin had Richard Hatch, Meat Loaf and La Toya Jackson on her side.

Both teams had their share of mishaps. Rich announced his guest performer, Def Leppard, 20-minutes too soon. And Matlin almost lost her guest star, 1970's 7 Up commercial star Geoffrey Holder, because of a contractual issue. Rich and Matlin ironed out their pitches, they made their final cases for their charities and the D-list stars bickered like middle schoolers.

Before the man with the cross-hatched double comb-over announced his decision, he praised Matlin's fundraising abilities and sharpness. "I just can't ask for anything more," he said. 

The lovely Ivanka Trump (isn't she too smart for this?!) tried to soften the blow, too. 

"I don't think we've ever had a closer 'Celebrity Apprentice,'" Ivanka said before her dad announced the winner.

Then, Trump named Rich, confetti fell and the credits rolled without any explanation of Trump's choice. He didn't mention his abandoned presidential bid either.

The show drew an estimated 6.8 million viewers, according to TV by the Numbers.

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