Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Emmy Comes With a Bryan Cranston “Seinfeld” Makeout Session

And the award for best early moment at the 2014 Emmys Awards goes to...Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston!

While presenting on stage together during Monday's show, Cranston's several-episode stint on "Seinfeld" was the subject of a hilarious bit that left audience members and viewers in stitches.

"Bryan, seriously, I just have to say something—you are honestly so unbelievably fantastic in 'Breaking Bad,' you really are," the 53-year-old actress said to Cranston. "Your performance is just so authentic, it's so raw. It's riveting in every way."

Louis-Dreyfus continued, "I have to tell you, you look so much like the actor in 'Seinfeld' who played the dentist that I dated as Elaine and who converted to Judaism for the jokes."

After an awkward pause, Cranston added, "Tim Whatley."

"Tim Whatley! Yes, good for you," the "Veep" star said. "That was me," Cranston reminded her.

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Pretending not to remember working with Cranston, Louis-Dreyfus hilariously began announcing the nominees for Best Actor in a Comedy Series as the crowd laughed.

Cranston even reminded her they had a kissing scene on Seinfeld, but she feigned ignorance.

Fast forward to the Best Actress in a Comedy Series category. Louis-Dreyfus won the Emmy and, as she walked to the stage to accept her award, Cranston grabbed her and began passionately making out with her.

The kissing session lasted a good 10 seconds as the audience laughed and cheered. Once she got on stage, Louis-Dreyfus, quipped, "Yeah, he was on 'Seinfeld.'"

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