Kalamazoo Shooting: ‘Miracle' Teen Leaves Hospital Rehab

Abigail Kopf was believed brain dead immediately after the shooting

The "miracle" Michigan teenager mistakenly declared dead after she was shot in the head during a gunman's rampage exactly two months ago returned home Wednesday from rehab — defying the odds, her doctors said.

Abigail Kopf, 14, made "significant strides" during her six weeks of intensive in-patient therapy, according to the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, which chronicled her journey in a video posted to YouTube.

Kopf was believed brain dead immediately after the shooting, NBC News reported.

"We're trying to get her so she can go to school and can help mom and dad in the house," physical therapist Joe Winegar said in the video, showing the girl's remarkable recovery.

Kopf was struck by Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton, whom police say randomly roamed Kalamazoo on Feb. 20 looking for targets. She was one of two people injured. Another six people were killed.

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