Kangaroo-Serving NYC Restaurant Says Marsupial More Popular Than Beef

Co-owner says the meat is "much leaner than beef, and it's got omega-three fatty acids."

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A New York City restaurant that serves burgers, sliders and steaks made with kangaroo meat says the marsupial meat is a hit with customers, DNAinfo.com reports.

The Thirsty Koala co-owner and chef Katherine Fuchs tells the website the kangaroo meat sells better than regular beef.

"There's a lot of other meat out there. People are eating elk, they’re eating emu, they’re eating ostrich," Fuchs told DNAinfo. "So why not kangaroo?"

The kangaroo burgers weigh about 8 ounces and come with beet root slaw, caramelized onions, grilled pineapple, bacon, a fried egg and house-made goat cheese.

Co-owner Alex Styponisas describes the marsupial meat as "really yummy."

"I would say it tastes like a filet mignon. It's really sweet and tender, and it's not as gamey as one would think," he told DNAInfo.com.

The meat travels from a ranch in Queensland, Australia to Bronx Hunts Point Market, according to the website.

Other dishes that feature the unique meat include kangaroo sliders and kangaroo filet. According to Fuchs, the Australian meat also has nutritional value.

"It's a very good meat and it's very good for you," Fuchs said. "It's much leaner than beef, and it's got omega-three fatty acids."

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