Katie Couric Rips Trump

Katie Couric is no longer a news anchor, so she clearly has no reason to mask her personal opinions.

During a visit to "The Tonight Show" last night, the future ABC talk show host opened up about several "polarizing" political figures, including Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

"He actually can be a very, very nice person with a good heart. But I think he was just acting like a jacka** for a while," she joked to host Jay Leno. 

Couric than added that it was as if Trump had "been abducted by aliens" or something, and was suddenly acting wildly out of character.

As for her longtime rival Palin - the former Alaska governor is still haunted by a 2008 presidential campaign interview she did with Couric, where she was infamously unable to identify any newspapers she supposedly read daily - Couric admitted that there is fascination with the maybe 2012 presidential candidate.

"She makes good copy," said Couric.  "And so [the media] cover[s] her incessantly and maybe more than they actually should."

Couric recently announced that she will be hosting a talk show for ABC in 2012.

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