Kirstie Alley’s Pretty Pink Country Cottage For Sale

Ever wanted to live in a real-life dollhouse? Well, now you can. Actress Kirstie Alley has listed her super-girly waterfront house on a private 16 acres in Islesboro, Maine, for $2.35 million.

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Kirstie has been showing off more than her home. She recently walked her newly svelte figure on the Zang Toi catwalk in NYC. The actress revealed she's gone from size 14 to size 4 on the show. "I've lost 100 pounds," she told Entertainment Tonight, adding, "I feel like I'm back in my element. I honestly didn't even realize what I looked like."
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Ever wanted to live in a real-life dollhouse? Well, now you can. Actress Kirstie Alley has listed her super-girly waterfront house on a private 16 acres in Islesboro, Maine, for $2.35 million. Click through to see more photos of the cutesy cottage, or view the listing.
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The front of the home is unassuming, in keeping with its quaint, quiet and exclusive island community — accessible only by ferry or private plane.
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But inside, the frilly Cape Cod-style cottage looks like a child's dollhouse blown up to life size — replete with plenty of ruffles. The living room looks out onto the pristine Penobscot Bay…
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…where, in a quintessential Maine scene, pines line the shore and seals lounge on the rocks.
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Whether you're having over the Travolta family or friends a little more plebeian, the home boasts a spacious dining room great for serving tea and crumpets...
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(And check out that floral chandelier.)
Islesboro may be a quiet place, but Kirstie's friend, former "Look Who's Talking" co-star and fellow Scientologist John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston are her neighbors in Islesboro.
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Even the kitchen gets in on the pink, frilly action. Can you imagine making anything other than cupcakes in here?
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Much less serving anything more potent than lemonade or juleps in this glassware?
Clearly Kirstie's come a long way from her hostessing stint in a beer-slinging bar on "Cheers."
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Fireplaces, flowers, vine-like chandeliers and plenty of natural light fill the home.
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And out on the covered porch, a cool Maine evening can stay a little warmer with the help of, yep, another fireplace.
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Upstairs in the master bedroom, the dollhouse look kicks into overdrive, with floral patterns and ruffles galore.
Maybe Kirstie's buyers should take a cue from the set of "Cheers" — where she made a habit of smooching Ted Danson — and balance out the frills with a telescope and a model ship.
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There's definitely room for knickknacks.
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...or better yet, a study. The one Kirstie dropped in on in Woody Allen's "Deconstructing Harry" should suffice.
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The former Jenny Craig spokeswoman bought the home in 2003 for $1,150,000. This one of its en-suite bathrooms boasts a luxurious tub — and a break from the pink motif.
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Another of the house's four and a half baths goes heavy on the gilt frames.
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It's a bathroom befitting of the roller-curled contestants in 1999's pageant-turned-deadly mockumentary "Drop Dead Gorgeous," in which Kirstie played the ultimate stage mom.
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You could host a gaggle of guests in the cottage's spare rooms.
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Or you could open a summer camp and let six kids bed down in this behemoth.
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The decor in the bed-filled guest rooms sure seems like Kirstie's childhood dreams came to life.
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Whoever moves into Kirstie's real-life dollhouse will also find some real-life outdoor pleasures — like this huge patio. Maybe it doubled as a dance floor...
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A lush lawn seems as well suited for garden parties as the ditzy decor inside.
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And a private dock reaches into the bay for those who like boating — or who like catching delicious Maine lobsters.
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Who will inherit those views next? If the ruffles tell us anything, we're thinking somebody with a baby — but hopefully not a ("Look Who's") talking baby.
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