Kris Allen, Adam Lambert Ready To Launch Music Careers

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Kris Allen said his "American Idol" victory won't alter his marriage or his music.

Allen, who has been married for eight months, said he and wife Katy are ready to meet the challenges of fame.

"Things are definitely going to change, but we're really strong and she's really cool, so we don't have any questions that everything's going to be fine," Allen told a teleconference Friday.

The 23-year-old from Conway, Ark., said he plans to stick with music such as "Ain't No Sunshine," the kind that "moves people," he said. The song was among those that helped him cinch the "American Idol" title.

He doesn't want people to be misled by his duet with Keith Urban on the show's finale: He's not going country.

"That's not my cup of music and not the feeling that I want in my album," he said, adding that he respects Urban and enjoyed performing with him.

Allen said he was "shocked" at how little on-air exposure he got in the early stages of the "Idol" competition but realized it suited his style.

"For me, that's kind of the way I live my life. I'm kind of laid-back and low-key, and every once in a while I stick my head out. That's kind of how I did the competition and it seemed to work out."

He paid tribute to runner-up Adam Lambert, calling him "one of the most gifted performers" he's ever met and a "great guy."

Lambert, in a separate teleconference Friday, said he was fine with the contest's outcome.

"I'm just thrilled that I get to move forward and have a career in the [record] industry," he said. "That's why I auditioned for the show and that's really what kept pushing me forward. That's why I feel I won. I don't feel the title of first or second place matters at this point."

He's looking forward to starting work on his first album and plans to do it his way.

"Labels tend to try to put one box around every artist and keep them in one genre. … Obviously, we want the album to have a cohesive sound, but I think it can be a collection of different styles with me at the center of it," he said.

He'll focus on music but isn't turning his back on the theater, where he's appeared in musicals including a road company of "Wicked."

"Of course, I can see myself coming there eventually. That's my family. … I will in no way ever forget my roots, so to speak," Lambert said.

Could Lambert, whose look is reminiscent of Elvis Presley, end up in movies?

"I'd love to go that direction eventually," he said. "A lot of people mention the Elvis connection. In the heyday of Hollywood, artists got to do everything — they did music and they did film. Something like that would be amazing."

A questioner said she hoped Lambert got better movies than Presley.

"Me, too," he replied, laughing. "I'm just really excited to see what the future holds."

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