Lady Gaga Knocks Arizona's Immigration Legislation

Lady Gaga disagrees with Arizona’s much-controversial immigration law,

The pop star, who was in Mexico City for two shows, said at a news conferences that she has a strong bond with Mexican culture, The Associated Press reported. Her song “Americano,” off of her upcoming album “Born This Way,” was her reaction to the legislation.

"I don't stand by many of those unjust immigration laws in my country," she said yesterday.

Arizona passed a law last year in which officers can question people they suspect of being in the U.S. illegally about their immigration status, according to the AP.

In other Gaga news, Billboard reported that the singer will be mentoring the four remaining contestants—Scott McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart and James Durban of this season's “American Idol.” That appearance will be coming up this Wednesday.

Gaga’s “Monsters Ball” concert special will air on HBO Sunday.

Selected Sources: The Associated Press,, HBO, Twitpic

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