Larry Ellison Buys Yet Another Malibu Property

Score two for Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison, and well, zero for the rest of us. The Oracle head just snatched up yet another beachfront abode in Malibu, this time from film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer, reports the Los Angeles Times

Bruckheimer, the executive producer of "The Amazing Race," never listed his home on the open market, though the assessed value is more than $3.65 million, reports the Times. The mansion boasts 70 feet of ocean frontage, 2,239 square feet, and a modest three bedrooms. Well, modest compared to Ellison's other properties, which include an entire Hawaiian island. 

Ellison's recent purchase merely bolsters his real estate holdings in the area. The Oracle frontman already owned both of the houses on either side of the producer's. In addition he owns a further eight residences (so that makes 10 total for those counting) along the exclusive and picturesque Carbon Beach aka Billionaires' Beach. 

Billionaires' Beach, indeed--this is Ellison's second purchase in recent months. In fact, prior to scoring Bruckheimer's home, Ellison recently shelled out close to $37 million for former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel's beachfront spread. That extravagant mansion boasts three structures, a three-story rotunda, and a bevy of amenities one could only dream of (well, for us non-billionaires). 

What Ellison is going to do with 10 properties in one dense area sure beats us. 

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