Leighton Meester Optimistic About Love After Tough Break-Up

Leighton Meester is optimistic about finding that special someone but not about to kill herself trying.

"I think there is someone out there for me," the "Gossip Girl" star told Seventeen for its upcoming February issue, on newstands Jan. 4. "But I'm not on some crazy hunt for that right now."

The 24-year-old actress opened up only months after a break-up with "Gossip Girl" co-star Sebastian Stan in April. But even good things come to an end.

"I've only had one experience where it was really hard and I was really sad when it ended," Meester said of splitting with Stan, who plays bad-boy Carter Baizen on the CW series. "I've never really liked anybody before. Even when I would date guys, it would sort of be on the surface and it was always a relief when we broke up."

But looking back, Meester said the split was the right decision. She added that she wants to start a family someday, and needs love in her life, even if there are some bumps along the way.

"I think that the importance of love is really strong for me in my life, whether it's a guy or a friend or just my puppy," she said. "I think love changes you over time, and whether you have good or bad experiences, you always grow and learn from it."

Meester plays a beauty-queen turned singer in the film "Country Strong," which opens Jan. 7.

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