Limo-Driving Jeb Bush Makes Surprise Emmy Cameo

Who knew Bush had a sense of humor?

Jeb Bush is ready to poke fun at his failed presidential bid and skewer his former rival Donald Trump.

The former Republican presidential candidate made a surprise cameo appearance in the opening taped sequence of the Emmy Awards telecast Sunday night, as of all things, a limo driver.

Saying he was "between jobs," Bush appeared just in time to whisk a running late Jimmy Kimmel on the way to the award show. But before they could get under way Bush asked him what it was liked to be nominated. 

"If you run a positive campaign, voters will ultimately make the right choice," a deadpan Bush said, showing surprising comedic timing and some self-deprecating humor largely absent during his recent campaign run. 

"That was a joke Jimmy," Bush said.  

Trump memorably labeled Bush as “low energy,” and the former Florida governor could not recover his momentum, eventually dropping out of the GOP primary. 

Kimmel also joked that, “We don’t have to watch reality shows anymore, because we’re living in one.” He then asked audience members if they were ready to “make the Emmys great again.”

Later in the opening, Kimmel blamed "Celebrity Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett for Trump's successful primary run.  

“Many have asked who’s to blame for Donald Trump and I’ll tell you who, he's sitting right there, that guy – Mark Burnett,” he said. “Thanks to Mark Burnett we don’t have to watch reality shows anymore , we’re living in one.” 

“Who do you have lined up to fill in the spot on the Supreme Court,” Kimmel cracked. “Miley Cyrus or CLo?

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