Cosby Trial Draws Colorful Cast of Characters

Outside of the Norristown court house, people from all over the area have gathered to await the verdict, and to voice their opinions on what is happening both in and outside the court room.

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EMPTY_CAPTION"I've been down here for the last two weeks watching since the trial began." Charles Revels, a resident of Norristown, said. He has been a Cosby fan since he was a kid and is here showing support. "He's my Idol," Revels added.
EMPTY_CAPTION"I've taken some time to chart out his entire life and make connections to his life astrologically," said Markhu Amun, an astrologer who has attempted to relate Cosby's recent troubles to the major people and events of his past.
EMPTY_CAPTION"If you look at [Cosby's] astrological chart you can find some of the deeper aspects which everyone may not see," Amun added.
David Worsler has been following the trial in Norristown, but is upset at how long it has taken since the defense rested. "It's a big joke of the taxpayers money," he said, "and if it'd be anybody else they'd have him locked up in prison already."
Becky Haney has been outside the trial, despite the hot weather "It's been OK today," she said, "yesterday was brutal." She has been following the updates and news closely and hopes that in the end, justice will be served.
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