Lohan Headed Back to Treatment, Not Jail

Judge extends Lindsay's probationary period by a year

Getty Images for The Weinstein C

Lindsay Lohan won't be punished too harshly for cutting class.

A judge ruled today to extend Lohan's probation for a year so she can complete her substance abuse classes -- of which she only completed about half of what was required for her 2007 DUI charge, according to gossip website TMZ.com.

"I am rooting for you to successfully complete probation," the judge told Lohan, according to People.

TMZ.com reported that Lohan skipped out on a number of her treatment classes -- missing 11 of 26 individual alcohol treatment classes, 13 of 26 group alcohol classes and 15 of 28 individual sessions.

Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Marsha N. Revel ordered Lohan to court this morning to see how, and if, Lohan was successfully dealing with the terms of her probation, which included involvement in substance-treatment programs and community service, according to the LA Times. It was then then ruled to give Lohan another year to complete the courses.

Lohan's trouble with the law initially stemmed from a DUI charge she received in 2007. Her lawyers entered a plea deal and Lindsay was put on probation that required her to complete substance-abuse treatment programs and community service.

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