Man Busted for Love Letter Delivery to Serena

Man claims love feelings for Serena Williams are reciprocated

There are plenty of men in the world who would like to show up at Serena Williams' front door with a love letter in hand, but sometimes you have to know your limits.

Patenema Ouedraogo is accused of crossing the line after he was caught outside of the tennis star's South Florida home at 6:15 p.m. on Monday, Palm Beach Gardens Police officials said.

The 40-year-old man was arrested and charged with stalking Williams after cops were called to Williams' Palm Beach home. Ouedraogo was carrying a love letter he had written to Williams, police said.

Williams was not home at the time of the incident, but a car registered to the Williams family had passed through the gates of the subdivision about five minutes before Ouedraogo showed up, a security guard told authorities.

That person turned out to be Serena's big sister, Venus.

When Ouedraogo arrived at the gate, he asked security guards if he could "cut through," an arrest report said.

Security guards asked for some ID and when they looked at Ouedraogo's license they noticed him from flyers that warned not to let him near Williams.

He was then handcuffed by security guards. When police arrived, they asked Ouedraogo where he was going. He said he was visiting Serene Williams because "he loves her" and that she knew he was coming, the arrest report stated.

He also said those love feelings were reciprocated by Williams.

Williams has had run ins with Ouedraogo in the past and the star had to take legal action to keep the adoring fan away, her attorney told police.

She currently has a temporary restraining order against the alleged stalker because he has showed up at several public appearances and lied about his connection to the celebrity.

Ouedraogo told police he got Williams' address form the court papers filed for the restraining order, the arrest report stated.

The love struck fan didn't show up empty handed.

Ouedraogo also had a note for Tyrese Gibson and asks the R&B singer and actor to "arrange any meeting with my dream soul mate. I like to confess to you that Serena Williams is the one I would do anything to meet and let her know," the letter read.

Williams, who is part owner of the Miami Dolphins, is reportedly dating hip hop star and actor, Common.

Ouedraogo is being held in jail on a $25,000 bond.

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